Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?
24 hours a day/365 days a year

What hours can you rent boats?
For 2 & 4 hour boat rentals, boats can be rented after sunrise and must be back before sunset. Time slots for 8 hour rentals are: 8am-4pm, 10am-6pm or Noon-8pm.

Do we need a reservation to rent a boat?
Reservations are not required, but it assures you that the boat will be there for your use. (Definitely recommended for holidays and weekends) Reservations are accepted only for 8 hour rentals. All other rentals are first come, first served.

Can we exceed the person capacity of the boat if some of the passengers are children?
No, the person capacity established for each boat can never be safely or legally exceeded. Each person counts as one.

How much is the gasoline charge for the rental?
A full tank of gas is included with the rental which is more than enough for the day.

Is beer or other alcohol allowed on the rental boats?
For yours and others safety, no alcohol is allowed on any rental boat.

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